Tips for Real Estate Agents to Keep Home Tours Clean

Real estate agents are key in presenting homes to prospective buyers. It’s vital for a property to be clean during showings. A well-kept property increases its attractiveness and helps in closing deals. Therefore, hiring a house cleaning expert guarantees that the property is meticulously cleaned, making a memorable impression on potential buyers.

First impressions count. Agents should make sure all rooms are clean, organized, and free from clutter or personal items. A fresh paint job adds a polished touch.

Staging is also important. Furniture should be arranged, decorations added, and ambience created. Natural light should be used to highlight the best features. Artificial lighting can also create inviting spaces.

Details matter too. Leaking faucets, broken light bulbs and repairs should be taken care of. This shows buyers the property has been well-maintained.

Importance of keeping home tours clean

Cleanliness is vital during home tours. It shows professionalism and boosts the buying experience. A clean atmosphere helps buyers focus on the house’s advantages, instead of dirt or mess. It leaves a positive effect and increases the chance of selling.

A well-cleaned tour helps buyers to observe the property’s features. Without clutter, they can imagine their belongings in the house. Plus, a neat house shows that the seller has taken good care of it.

Apart from common rooms, closets, garages, and storage must be organized and decluttered as well. Details like polished surfaces, freshly scented air, and tidy landscaping make a great impression.

To keep home tours clean, real estate agents should set clear guidelines for both sellers and visitors. Sellers should be informed about how to keep it clean throughout the selling process. Agents can give tips like making beds and hiding items in storage boxes. Moreover, agents should inspect before each tour to make sure everything is in order.

Preparation before the home tour

For a successful tour, it is essential to clean the property thoroughly. Focus on floors, windows and countertops.

Remove personal items and extra furniture to create a spacious, neutral atmosphere. This will help buyers imagine living in the home.

Fix any visible flaws or damages such as loose handles, knobs, and broken fixtures.

Improve curb appeal. Mow the lawn, trim bushes, and clean the driveway and entrance area.

Create an ambiance with natural light, comfortable temperature, pleasant scents, or soft background music.

Then, add extra touches like fresh flowers or attractive furnishings. This will enhance the presentation of the home without being too overwhelming. Real estate agents can greatly increase their chances of impressing clients during home tours with these tips.

During the home tour

Clean the property before the tour. Dust, vacuum, mop- no dirt or dust! Remove personal items, extra furniture and unnecessary objects. Check the light fixtures, windows and air for odors. Make it attractive- neutral colors and minimalist designs.

To make it stand out, focus on custom-built elements such as cabinets or shelving units. Showcase energy-efficient upgrades or smart home tech. Agents: offer more details in a professional manner to engage buyers during the tour.

After the home tour

Clean and sanitize all areas touched during a home tour. Disinfectant wipes or sprays can help.

Remove any personal items brought into the house, such as shoes, jackets, or bags.

Check for any messes or damages that may have occurred. Arrange repairs or cleaning services if needed.

These steps will ensure a positive experience for buyers and sellers. Agents show their professionalism and dedication to top-notch service.


Maintaining cleanliness during home tours is vital in the real estate industry. Agents can make sure of this by following tips and guidelines. We discussed strategies like decluttering, organizing, and cleaning areas of the house. This will benefit agents by making homes look attractive and helping buyers imagine living in the space.

To keep home tours clean, pay attention to odors. Bad smells can turn buyers away, so fresheners or proper ventilation should be used.

Curb appeal is important. The front yard needs to be neat and inviting. Clean windows, clear pathways, and remove debris.

Real estate agents should stay professional and respect the seller’s property and buyers’ preferences. Wipe down countertops and take out personal items. Be knowledgeable about the property features and answer questions. This will create a clean, neutral environment for prospective buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Tips for Real Estate Agents to Keep Home Tours Clean:

Q1: How often should real estate agents clean homes before tours?

A1: It is recommended that real estate agents clean homes thoroughly before each tour to ensure a clean and presentable environment for potential buyers.

Q2: Are there any specific cleaning products or techniques to use?

A2: Using mild cleaning products and following standard cleaning techniques like dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing surfaces can help maintain cleanliness during home tours.

Q3: How can real estate agents minimize clutter during home tours?

A3: Real estate agents should declutter common areas, organize personal belongings, and remove unnecessary items or furniture to create a spacious and neat appearance during home tours.

Q4: What precautions should real estate agents take during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A4: In addition to regular cleaning, real estate agents should provide hand sanitizers, encourage social distancing, wear masks, and follow local health guidelines to ensure safety during home tours amid the pandemic.

Q5: How can real estate agents maintain cleanliness in high-traffic areas?

A5: Focus on regular cleaning and sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and bathrooms to maintain cleanliness in high-traffic areas.

Q6: Is it important to communicate the cleaning measures taken to potential buyers?

A6: Yes, real estate agents should inform potential buyers about the cleaning measures they have taken to assure them of a safe and clean environment during home tours.

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