How Much is it to Clean the Average House in Malaysia

Maintaining a pristine home is essential. In Malaysia, the cost to clean a standard house differs significantly. The variation in price is due to factors such as the size of the home, the current level of cleanliness, and the cleaning company you choose to employ.

Busy Malaysians tend to hire pros for the job. Cleaning services offer many options – from basic to deep cleaning. Specialised options such as carpet or window cleaning are available too.

The cost of cleaning an average home in Malaysia could be between RM100 and RM500 per session. This rate may also change due to extra services required, e.g. laundry or ironing. Size of home, number of rooms and bathrooms, dirt or clutter will affect the price.

Some companies charge by the hour, others have fixed rates. Location may also influence cost, as living expenses can be higher in some areas.

When hiring a service, ask about pricing structure and extra charges. Package deals or discounted rates for regular customers may be available. Clarify if the cost includes equipment and cleaning supplies or if they must be provided separately.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Cleaning Services in Malaysia

The cost of cleaning services in Malaysia may vary. Key factors include the size and layout of the house. Larger homes need more time to clean than smaller ones. Specialized services, e.g. deep cleaning or upholstery cleaning, will cost more. Frequency of the service also plays a role. Regular cleans are cheaper than one-time or occasional cleans.

Other factors include the level of cleanliness prior to the service, the presence of pets/children, and the geographical location. Urban areas have higher rates than rural ones. Customizing the service or adding extra tasks can also raise the cost.

Average Cost of Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Cleaning services in Malaysia are a must for a clean and hygienic atmosphere. But, the cost can differ on various factors. It’s hard to be accurate about the average cost of cleaning services in Malaysia. However, a guesstimate is possible depending on the market trends.

The cost of cleaning services in Malaysia can range from RM 50 to RM 200 per hour. It depends on the size of the house and the kind of service needed. For instance, a small apartment will have a lower cost, compared to a bigger house or villa. Moreover, if more complex cleaning tasks are needed, and additional services are requested (like deep cleaning or specialized equipment), the cost will also increase.

Some cleaning companies offer packages or discounts for regular customers or for longer-duration contracts. These packages frequently include multiple cleaning sessions at a reduced rate. It’s a cost-effective option for people needing frequent or ongoing cleaning services.

Besides, other costs associated with cleaning services in Malaysia should also be considered. This includes transportation fees, parking charges (if applicable), and any essential supplies or equipment not provided by the cleaning company.

Breakdown of Cleaning Services and their Costs

In Malaysia, lots of things influence cleaning service costs. Size of house, messiness, type of service needed, and extra services are all factors.

For a standard house, the price for basic cleaning is RM80 – RM150 per session. This includes dusting, sweeping/vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchen. Deep cleaning, with scrubbing and degreasing, can get up to RM250. Location and service provider affect the cost, too. Extras like laundry and ironing will cost more.

Request a breakdown of costs before booking to make sure you know what’s included in the price.

Tips for Finding Affordable Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Finding affordable cleaning services in Malaysia can be tricky. Try these tips to ensure your search is effective!

Research various companies.

Look for reviews and testimonies from past customers.

Inquire about customizable packages.

Avoid peak hours.

Ask for discounts or promotions.

Consider referrals from friends and colleagues.

Also, bear in mind that different areas in Malaysia may have different rates. Contact a few companies in your area to get accurate quotes. By using these tips and doing research, you can find affordable cleaning services without compromising on quality.

DIY Cleaning: Cost Comparison and Recommendations

DIY cleaning can be both cost-saving and rewarding. Consider the price of supplies like brooms, mops & vacuums. Plus, the time investment required. Hiring a professional house cleaning service provider could save time but DIY lets you customize your routine. Learning proper techniques helps get better results. Plus, online tutorials & guides to teach you how to clean efficiently.

Lastly, the satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off with a spotless home!


Wrapping things up, the cost of cleaning a Malaysian house can vary. Factors like size, type of clean and location all play a part. Consider these before hiring a cleaner.

Costs are made up of labor, supplies and any extra services asked for. The average for a 3-bed goes from RM200 to RM500. But this may differ based on the house’s size, extra cleans or location.

Regular cleanings can be cheaper in the long run. Homeowners can look for package deals that offer discounts.

It’s important to find a reliable and affordable service. Research different options and compare quotes. Reading reviews is also helpful to see the quality of service offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to clean an average house in Malaysia?

The cost of cleaning an average house in Malaysia can vary depending on factors such as the size of the house, the level of cleanliness desired, and the location. However, on average, you can expect to pay around RM 200 to RM 400 for a basic cleaning service.

2. What does a basic cleaning service include?

A basic cleaning service typically includes tasks such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning of surfaces, and sanitizing of bathrooms. However, the specific services offered may vary between cleaning companies, so it’s important to check what is included in their package.

3. Do cleaning companies provide their cleaning supplies?

Many cleaning companies in Malaysia provide their own cleaning supplies, including cleaning solutions, mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners. However, some companies may charge extra if you want them to use specific cleaning products or equipment.

4. Are there any additional charges I should be aware of?

Additional charges may apply for specific services that are not included in the standard cleaning package, such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or deep cleaning. Some companies may also charge extra for houses located in remote areas or for urgent cleaning requests.

5. Can I customize the cleaning service according to my needs?

Yes, most cleaning companies in Malaysia offer customizable cleaning services. You can discuss your specific requirements with the cleaning company and they will tailor the service to meet your needs. However, keep in mind that additional charges may apply for any extra services requested.

6. How long does it take to clean an average house?

The duration of cleaning an average house can vary depending on factors such as the size of the house, the level of clutter, and the number of cleaners. On average, it takes around 2 to 4 hours for a team of cleaners to clean an average-sized house in Malaysia.

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